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In 2021, AlorAir was voted BEST Air Quality Control Company of the Year by Business and Industry Today

“Could not be happier with the service and equipment.”

Neil Harris
Hard Services Manager
Derwent FM

“We will definitely be ordering more of the same.”

Steve Todd
Toddy Tool Hire

“It has made a big difference to the humidity levels.”

Mike MacDonald
AKR Fitness

“Service has been fantastic
and I would have no hesitation
in recommending Alorair.

Simon Vamplew
Alpha Fire and Flood Services

“We would highly recommend
Alorair and look forward to doing
more business with them.

Tony Driscoll
Hayes Hygiene

“A perfect fit for what we
require and the controllability
has been essential.

Chris Hannam
Engineering Manager
New World Foods

Benmore Centre

This was a bespoke Minibus drying solution we created for them, incorporation dehumidification, air movement and heat to dry up the minibuses after they have been used by people who have been out doing water sports and activities. The system can be left overnight running so that the seats etc are dry for the next…

Premier Foods

Premier Foods have a number of Air filters around the factory filtering the incoming air into the factory. These filters need to be washed and changed on a regular basis to ensure the incoming air is clean and fully filtered, and also that sufficient air can pass through the filters to get into the factory.…

IP4X Rating

AlorAir Solutions UK Ltd have produced a dehumidifier with an IP4X rating as certified by the CSA Group. AlorAir UK were approached by a customer asking about IP4X rating on the AlorAir machines, unfortunately at that stage we didn’t have this available. Quick thinking and action from AlorAir Solution UK Ltd reading up on what…

Drying Rooms Installation at Carlton Lodge

Problem: Their current drying room was not drying the clothes or the room sufficiently leading to the room paint peeling and a shortened life span of the kit / gear for the customers and staff. The old system was inefficient and expensive to run, the evaporated water wasn’t removed efficiently and often condensated on the…

Don’t take our word for it, read about our friends at MiDecor and how they offer amazing Air Filtration Services using Alorair’s Zeus Air Mover and Cleanshield Air Scrubber (redirects to another site).