Problem: Their current drying room was not drying the clothes or the room sufficiently leading to the room paint peeling and a shortened life span of the kit / gear for the customers and staff. The old system was inefficient and expensive to run, the evaporated water wasn’t removed efficiently and often condensated on the walls of the room as it was only a single skin brick building.

Solution: The old inefficient heaters and small Velux fan were replaced with the AlorAir Drying system, consisting of Sentinel HD55 dehumidifier which is linked to the Zeus 900 air mover, for additional heat we have the 2.8KW fan heater on a timer switch. Heater and air mover placed in a cage so customers can’t smother the unit as the air flow is there to create a vortex within the room for better and faster drying times. Dehumidified water drains away via gravity to a drain point outside.

Conclusion: By having the correct system in the drying rooms this has not only ensured that the kit is getting dry each night after use but also the rooms themselves are now drying out which is keeping the brick and mortar integrity better (not crumbling like before). Not having to remove the warm wet air with cold air has helped, instead we just recycle the warm air and just remove the moisture from it. The additional air movement is like drying clothes on a windy day compared to a still day. All in all a much better system, more efficient and faster drying times – customer could not be happier!

‘Yesterday we took 30 Army Cadets caving and they came back covered in mud and soaking wet. We put all the caving suits in the drying rooms overnight and this morning they were all fully dry ready for the same again today. It’s absolutely brilliant, Simon! Thank you.’

George Plant
Carlton Lodge