AlorAir Solutions UK Ltd have produced a dehumidifier with an IP4X rating as certified by the CSA Group.

AlorAir UK were approached by a customer asking about IP4X rating on the AlorAir machines, unfortunately at that stage we didn’t have this available.

Quick thinking and action from AlorAir Solution UK Ltd reading up on what is required to get the machines to an IP4X state, getting in touch with the CSA Group and discussions and the testing of it quickly resolved this problem and we have been able to produce and get certified the Sentinel HDi90 – IP4X unit with a dehumidifying capacity of 90L/day at 30 Deg C and 80% Relative Humidity. A total of 16 Units have been ordered so far with this IP4X rating which takes approx. a day to alter the regular machine so it complies with the IP4X requirements. We have been told that a number of these units have been put into Armouries to help maintain the correct levels of humidity where guns and ammunition are stored.

If you are interested in this unit, or would like some more information on it, please do get in touch.