We are an engineering led company that can provide unique solutions to all your problem areas including

  • Control of Humidity
  • Sanitation and Sterilisation of Air
  • Odour Control

Our approach is to asses your needs and design a solution around your specific requirements. Sometimes this can be as simple as helping you select the correct specified machinery to solve your problem or something more complex where we would integrate several technologies and control them together to provide your solution. An example of the latter would be a bespoke drying room where we would control humidity, temperature and air movement.

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Premier Foods – Bespoke Drying Room for Air Filters

Premier Foods have a number of Air filters around the factory filtering the incoming air into the factory. These filters need to be washed and changed on a regular basis to ensure the incoming air is clean and fully filtered, and also that sufficient air can pass through the filters to get into the factory.

Problem: The drying times of the filter was taking approx 72 hours to dry naturally – this was too long and so either they had to reduce the drying times or invest in a number of new filters so correct rotation and cleaning could be achieved.

Solution: AlorAir have offered for a short term the hire of the AlorAir portable drying system, initially trialled to prove that we could reduce the drying time down from 72 hours. The results were conclusive and got the drying times of the filters down to 12 hours using the combination of dehumidification, air movement and heat in our mobile unit. We said we could further reduce the drying times down if there was a dedicated drying room, this would also allow for more filters to be dried at any one time  (which they need as only 6 filters can be dried currently at any one time due to the size). Having the dedicated drying room would also be more efficient than the mobile unit as well and would also be more hygieneic as well as this can be easily sprayed down and cleaned should needs be.

Conclusion: 2 designs and quotes have been submitted for static drying rooms at Premier Foods, to resolve the drying times problem as the mobile drying system is to be returned to AlorAir for shows and demonstrations. We are just awaiting the sign off so we can proceed with the  order.