Ozone Gas is a powerful oxidiser. O3, or Ozone is a trioxide atomic structure that is naturally unstable, wanting to give up the extra oxygen atom. Giving up the extra oxygen atom to another molecular structure is the process of oxidation. By oxidising the structure that the oxygen atom has attached to it denatures this element and it starts to breakdown. The biproduct of this oxidation is oxygen in the air with no residual chemicals to clean.

This process of Oxidation is effective for destroying bacteria, viruses, pathogens and micro organisms. Viruses that it is known to be effective in destroying include the SARS COV-1 virus and the SARS COV-2 (COVID 19) Coronavirus.

Sanitation using Ozone Treatment will be effective for

  • Viruses
  • Bacteria such as Listeria and Staphylococcus and E-Coli
  • Odours

Sanitising an environment or workspace with Ozone is highly effective and leaves no residual chemical. As it is a gas it is effective in all areas, sterilising the unseen and hard to clean areas such as the underside of desks and many other touch points.

Alorair Solutions UK Ltd offer several options for your sanitation requirements. Our approach is to assess the requirement and recommend the correct solution. We would then implement the system, log the results and offer full training on any machinery supplied. We also supply ozone meters and data loggers which are used to log data during the sterilisation process. This both monitors the levels of Ozone during the sterilisation and once downloaded to a computer will be a record of your sterilisation. We supply software for both PC’s and MAC’s

Industries that have benefited during this pandemic which has affected the way we work include, Food Factories, Hospitality and pubs, hotels, and offices. All sanitation is carried out in unoccupied buildings spaces so you also save the labour and chemicals that would have otherwise been used to make your workspace as safe and sterile as possible.


£199.00 ex VAT

This Ozone detector and data logger adopts electrochemical gas sensor, which has excellent sensitivity and excellent repeatability. It can storage 100,000 pieces of testing data, and can view historical data at any time with the software. The product is easy to use and maintain, and it meets the requirements of industrial field safety monitoring for high reliability of the equipment. The shell is made of high-strength engineering plastic and composite anti-skid rubber. It has high strength, good feel, and waterproof, dust proof and explosion proof and so on advantages. 

Full training given as part of the price.