Alorair Solutions  UK Ltd provide customers with the ability to control and monitor the humidity of your environment. This may be from drying damp locations after a flood or water leak, drying foods to the correct moisture content or to maintaining rooms at the required levels of humidity. 

AlorAir Solutions UK Ltd supply the AlorAir range of dehumidifiers. These are the Storm dehumidifiers, with their rotary Moulded bodies and the Sentinel dehumidifiers with metal bodies and the ability to be controlled remotely.

There are 8 Storm dehumidifiers currently in the range, these go from 48L in the dual voltage unit up to 130L in our largest Storm SLGR 1600X. All Storm Dehumidifiers have a yellow rotary moulded body, however we are able to offer different colours on larger orders to match your corporate colour.

All the Storm range have pumps in them which can pump water up to a 4.5m head, this means that the unit can continuously run without it having to be emptied. All of the upright models (Storm Dual Voltage DP, Storm Pro, Storm Ultra and Storm Elite) have semi pneumatic wheels for a smoother ride over rough terrain with a full axle to support the body.

The latest display interface are wifi enabled and can be controlled and monitored from our App. Our Horizontal style units (Storm SLGR 850C, Storm LGR Extreme, Storm SLGR 1250X and Storm SLGR 1600X) are designed to sit on the floor. All except the Storm LGR Extreme have a handle plus wheels which allows easy movement around sites as well as a clip on the exit air to allow for layflat ducting to be used. These floor standing units can be loaded and unloaded easily and can be used straight away when getting to site

There are three models in the Sentinel range of Dehumidifiers, the HD55, HDi90 and the HDi120. These units are all designed to be used in a static or fixed location, this could be in a crawl space, basement, garage, swimming pool, home cinema room, hydroponics, clean room, wine cellars, food industry etc.. in fact, anywhere where the constant monitoring and control of humidity is required. All these units have the function to be remotely controlled. The controller unit also has an inbuilt humidity sensor so that it can monitor the humidity levels in the room even if the dehumidifier is ducted from outside the room. The HDi90 and HDi120 both have pumps in them which enable water to be pumped away whilst the HD55 uses gravity draining. We can add additional condensate pumps for either the HD55, to enable the water it collects to be pumped away, or for an extended drainage run for the other units, like a daisy chain.

#1 Specialised

Running on the latest refrigerant gas, the compressor is both environmentally friendly and efficient.

#2 Hydrophilic coating on the
coils and Heat Exchanger

The Hydrophilic coating on the coils coupled with a tube wall thickness of just 0.25mm makes the condensing of the water from the humid air very efficient. This in turn cuts down on energy consumption making our range of class leading dehumidifiers as environmentally friendly as possible.

#3 Trapezoidal Internal
Thread Copper Pipe

The copper pipe has an internal trapezoidal thread. This controls the movement of the refrigerant maximising contact with the pipes surface and increasing the efficiency of the heat exchange process.

#4 High Efficiency
Turbine Air Mover

The U-Style turbine fan increases the pressure of the air before discharging it, maximising air movement for minimum energy consumption – just like a turbine motor.

#5 Efficient

Utilising high quality components the main drive motors are efficient, reliable and quiet.



Toddy Tool Hire – Plant and Tool Hire

A. Problem – New business requiring inventory stock quickly to be able to hire out, rather than cross hiring in dehumidifiers from elsewhere following floods.

B. Solution – Discussions with Alorair Solutions UK Ltd to establish what equipment would best suit their needs, followed by quick delivery so Toddy Tool Hire can service their customers without the expense of cross hiring other units.

C. Feedback – Many thanks for all your help and advice during 2020 and most importantly for the supply of the six dehumidifiers and four air movers – all top quality and pretty much out on permanent hire – a big hit with both our private domestic customers and our regular commercial customers.

“We will definitely be ordering more of the same in 2021.”

Steve Todd
Toddy Tool Hire