AlorAir Air Real MA7K Ozone Machine (Analogue)

£430.00 ex VAT

  • 1 year Parts and labour warranty
  • Size for up to 1000sq.ft
  • Sound level 65DBA
  • Functional Temp range -10 – 35 Deg C
  • Ozone Production 7,000 mg/hr
  • Dimensions 175w x 260h x 220d (mm)
  • Weight 2.4 kg
  • Air Flow 130CFM / 220CMH
  • 0.4 A / 0.1 KW
  • 2 hour analogue timer

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AlorAir Air Real MA7K Ozone Machine

The AlorAir Air Real MA7K is the smallest AlorAir branded ozone machine we have and is perfect for domestic or light commercial use. It is great for odour removal and sterilisation in small rooms (see website for odours in which it can remove). Perfect for household odour removal, pet smells, burning or burnt smells are removed.  (multiple applications may be necessary depending on odour and quantity).

Warning!: when in use, no plants, pets or people can be present as these will be oxidised. Ozone will naturally dissipate after 30 – 45 mins from the end of the production time. Please do get in touch to find out more information and how best to use the ozone machines.