Premier Foods – Drying Room for Air Filters

Premier Foods have a number of Air filters around the factory filtering the incoming air into the factory. These filters need to be washed and changed on a regular basis to ensure the incoming air is clean and fully filtered, and also that sufficient air can pass through the filters to get into the factory.

Problem: The drying times of the filter was taking approx 72 hours to dry naturally – this was too long and so either they had to reduce the drying times or invest in a number of new filters so correct rotation and cleaning could be achieved.

Solution: AlorAir have offered for a short term the hire of the AlorAir portable drying system, initially trialled to prove that we could reduce the drying time down from 72 hours. The results were conclusive and got the drying times of the filters down to 12 hours using the combination of dehumidification, air movement and heat in our mobile unit. We said we could further reduce the drying times down if there was a dedicated drying room, this would also allow for more filters to be dried at any one time  (which they need as only 6 filters can be dried currently at any one time due to the size). Having the dedicated drying room would also be more efficient than the mobile unit as well and would also be more hygieneic as well as this can be easily sprayed down and cleaned should needs be.

Conclusion: 2 designs and quotes have been submitted for static drying rooms at Premier Foods, to resolve the drying times problem as the mobile drying system is to be returned to AlorAir for shows and demonstrations. We are just awaiting the sign off so we can proceed with the  order.

Alpha Fire and Flood Services.

“We have used the Storm Ultra and Pro’s for the last 12 months on a variety of drying jobs and have found both types of machines to be highly efficient and well liked by policyholder’s and drying technicians. The aftersales service has been fantastic and I would have no hesitation in recommending Alorair products to any fire and flood restoration organisation.”

Simon Vamplew

Dorset and Wiltshire F&R – Drying Rooms

AlorAir have worked closely with Dorset and Wiltshire F&R across multiple sites and disciplines. Sites we have covered are, Cranborne, Bere Regis, Chippenham, Bradford Upon Avon, Melksham, Corsham, Devises, Pewsey, Ramsbury and Westlea. Future sites are, Bridport, Wimborne, Container, Aymesbury, Tisbury, Warminster and Royal Wooten Bassett.

“Simon has helped us with several projects now and consistently demonstrated an excellent level of knowledge, practical problem solving and professionalism. I have been impressed with the wholistic approach taken finding ways of improving performance of existing drying rooms and creating new systems that are quick, efficient, and reliable.” 

Chris Charlton
Senior Building Surveyor (Wiltshire)

On-Call Firefighter (Westbury)
Dorset & Wiltshire Fire and Rescue Service (DWFRS)
Trowbridge Fire Station

Derwent FM – Facilities Management Company

A. Problem – Leak at one of their student flats requiring urgent use of dehumidifiers

B. Solution – Discussed Dehumidifier options with a conclusion, Set them up on the system, took payment, delivered the unit within 14 hours of first contact.

C. Feedback – We were very pleased with the service provided by Alorair. The dehumidifier you supplied is an excellent bit of kit. Simon could not have been more helpful. Even personally delivering the unit all the way to Essex the same day.

“Could not be happier with the service and equipment.”  

Neil Harris
Hard Services Manager
Derwent FM

Hayes Hygiene – Flood Restoration and Cleaning Company

A. Problem – Major Flooding to several locations they look after.

B. Solution – Quick resolution of equipment required, quick delivery of products

C. Feedback – After unprecedented storms, a major client wanted us to provide dehumidifiers and blowers to dry out various flooded premises. That day!

Hiring was an option, but the client realised that to purchase outright was a far more sensible business proposition. That is where Simon at Alorair Ltd came in – he couldn’t have been more helpful, realising that it was an emergency then drove over 400 miles to meet us and our client was delighted.

“Great units too, far superior to the tired and less powerful machines available to hire option too. I really was hugely impressed by both the service and quality. We at Hayes Hygiene Ltd would highly recommend Alorair and look forward to doing more business with them.” 

Tony Driscoll
Hayes Hygiene

AKR Fitness – Gym

A. Problem – Overly Humid conditions starting to affect the equipment and odor.

B. Solution – Ascertained the volume of the gym and hence the correct dehumidifier to use. Air scrubbers were used to neutralise the odour.

C. Feedback – Simon was really helpful and the Alorair has helped us create a more pleasant and comfortable training environment for our members at AKR Fitness.

“It has made a big difference to the humidity levels.”

Mike MacDonald
AKR Fitness

Toddy Tool Hire – Plant and Tool Hire

A. Problem – New business requiring stock to be able to hire our rather than cross hiring in dehumidifiers from elsewhere following floods.

B. Solution – Information gathering to discuss what equipment would best suit, plus quick delivery so he can end the cross hiring of other units.

C. Feedback – Many thanks for all your help and advice during 2020 and most importantly for the supply of the six dehumidifiers and four air movers – all top quality and pretty much out on permanent hire – a big hit with both our private domestic customers and our regular commercial customers.

“We will definitely be ordering more of the same in 2021.”

Steve Todd
Toddy Tool Hire

New World Foods – Food Industry

A. Problem – Ongoing controllable drying conditions for Biltong.

B. Solution – Installation of units which are fully controllable (sentinel) allowing humidity points to be set, also air conditioning units to get the correct temperature and variable speed control fans for correct air flow.

C. Feedback – We have purchased multiple dehumidifiers from Alorair Solutions UK. The dehumidifiers have proven themselves to be highly dependable in our 24/7 operations.

“A perfect fit for what we require and the controllability has been essential.”

Chris Hannam
Engineering Manager
New World Foods

Private Installation of HDi90 in Damp Crawlspace

A. Problem – Damp crawlspace causing odours and rising damp up to 90%RH.

B. Solution – Installation of a Sentinel HDi90 dehumidifier which is fully controllable (via additional remote-control unit) allowing humidity points to be set, plus ducting for focussed drying and pumping water up to a waste pipe in the house.

C. Feedback – Many thanks AlorAir and Simon for your quick installation into the tiny crawlspace under my house, I have seen a great improvement, with a reduction in smells, the unit only coming on when the humidity rises after rainfall, but it is soon taken down to the set point. Great to have the remote-control box so it is easy to see and therefore control the humidity. 

“Many thanks again.”

Alan Dickinson

South Wales F&R – Drying Rooms

A: Problems – Doing both reactionary and planned works at numerous of the South Wales F&R  locations on their drying rooms as well as coming up with solutions for new drying rooms.

B: Solution – Replacing old dehumidifier units with smaller and more powerful Alorair units, upgrading underperforming drying rooms with additional heat or air movement, designing new drying room solutions for sites keeping usability as easy as possible whilst also keeping the efficiency as high as possible linking in control measures, in the way of humidity sensors (humidistats), thermostats and timer switches.

To ensure items of kit and clothing are dried as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

“We have been using ALORAIR to install dehumidifiers, air movers and heaters for the past 18 months and they have been a pleasure to deal with. Simon, the sales and marketing manager knows their products inside out can design the systems to suit any need. We have installed their products at 6 busy sites throughout South Wales all with excellent drying results. We have also seen a significant reduction in energy usage at these sites due to the built in moisture sensors only enabling the units when necessary. Every time we have contacted ALORAIR where our existing systems have broken down, they have arranged for an engineer to design and fit a new system within 48 hours leaving us with very little down time. Whenever we have needed any advice or technical help, Simon has been at the end of the phone happy to help.” 

British Premium Sausages

Problem – We were experiencing a problem with the occasional mould growth on our Chorizo and Salamis.

Results – After running a programme of Ozone sessions in the aging chambers, this issue was quickly resolved, and now that we have a routine program in place this issue is now under control.

Conclusion – Using the ozone machine is very simple, and a very simple solution to what was becoming a time consuming and worrying problem for us.