As we all know the hospitality industry has taken some challenges this last year. We have been lucky enough to help one of our local public houses with rooms to continue to run safely within covid compliance. Here our journey with this client who has happily wanted to share;

‘Thank you to the team at Alorair for supplying a piece of equipment that allowed my business to continue after the lockdown of the covid 19 pandemic.’

The rules for my business as a hotel once lockdown had broken was to leave 72 hours in between guests staying in our bedrooms.

Simon (Alorair sales and marketing manager) was first to tell me about the OZONE machine that Alorair have in their portfolio.

It completely revolutionised the way we could operate as the machine omits OZONE into the confined space its working in, completely destroying bacteria and odours from the atmosphere, leaving the rooms hygienic and contamination free, within the hour, which therefore allowed us to continue selling our rooms as normal.

The machine also worked in our catering kitchen, public areas, bar and dining rooms, to allow our guests piece of mind that we had taken seriously the while covid regulations and gone above the requirements asked for by public health England and the governmental guidance.

Simon took us through a demonstration and trained the team how to use it correctly, with a all necessary protocols left in place so that we could operate effectively and follow all health and safety guidelines. Not only did this equipment help us to open and operate as a normal business, but also allowed the filming of the TV programme Four In A Bed to go ahead, as it had been re -scheduled due to the lockdown.

Thanks to Simon and Alorair, we were allowed to take part in the show. I can whole heartedly recommend this equipment, not just that, but the service from Alorair and the training and guidance from Simon, who made what seemed very techincal and hazardous, straightforward and safe.

Thank you Alorair and Simon for allowing me to keep my business open.

This equipment is a must for any hotel operation.

Mr S Wade
Grantham Arms